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Food Therapy

Food Therapy is one of the five major branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Chinese food therapy dates back as early as 2000 BC.  The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, also known as the Huangdi Neijing, which was written around 300 BC, was most important in forming the basis of Chinese food therapy. It classified food by four food groups, five tastes and by their natures and characteristics.

The ideas of yin and yang are used in the sphere of food and cooking. Yang foods are believed to increase the body's heat (e.g. raise the metabolism), while Yin foods are believed to decrease the body's heat (e.g. lower the metabolism). The Chinese ideal is to eat both types of food to keep the body in balance.

Food Therapy can be used in many ways:

  • Health Maintenance/Disease Prevention
  • Treatment of Disease
  • Adjunct Therapy

Call to set up an appointment for a food consultation.  It is important to have your pet on the right diet for improved performance and better health!
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